B&B Truck Crane History

Eddie “Cannonball” Davis has been in the crane and equipment industry for over 30 years. In his early crane career he was mentored by “The smartest man he has ever known”, Ed Bates. Throughout his career, Davis had a love for cranes, whether it be troubleshooting worn or broken down cranes, or rebuilding cranes that are on their last lift. If it involved cranes, Davis was there. B&B has become the go-to source for truck cranes by offering outstanding workmanship with quality parts.

At B&B, we have a passion for cranes and the job we do. With decades of hands on experience and knowledge, we can troubleshoot any problem and repair most cranes regardless of the brand. We offer crane maintenance, inspection, certification and are able to work on any brand of truck mounted service crane. Our friendly and highly qualified staff members are here to offer you the best customer service possible. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to make the right choices for your crane needs and to back that with our continued support. We value you as our customer and are always here to help.

B&B Truck Crane employees

We can help you find the right lift for your needs. Our customer service is second to none. We are here to help troubleshoot problems and are able to resolve 95% of them by phone. We can then ship the parts needed directly to you as soon as possible. We care about cranes and the people who run them. Give us a call today!

Auto Crane Authorized Dealer
Eddie Davis

Eddie “Cannonball” Davis

Founder, President, co-owner and head technician with over 30 years experience in the service crane business. My specialty is trouble-shooting and repair.

I enjoy literally riding around with the top down (in my Jeep), vintage cars and trucks, and love cruise-ins and car shows. I am known in the industry as “Cannonball” Davis.

Donna Logan

Donna Davis Logan

Co-owner and operations manager, roles include managing procurement and inventory levels, A/P, and online website and sales store, all with customer service as top priority. I was once told that good customer service begins with being an experienced plunger operator. Yes, you read this correctly. If you can handle messy issues, you can certainly handle the urgent customer needs.

I enjoy being outdoors, camping, kayaking, exercising, riding my bike, e-scooter, and golf cart. I enjoy my 11 chickens, 6 ducks and 2 blond Labs (Lucy & Ethel). My favorite color is orange. My favorite happy place is Pray, Montana.

Larry Smalley

Larry Smalley

My name is Larry Smalley and we all wear a lot of hats. My main job is buying and selling new and used cranes, also working with our shop on the refurbished process we do to most of our used cranes. I work upstairs with the parts department and give help when I am needed. I have been with B&B for a number of years and have watched our business grow. We are a small operation but that gives me more time to spend with the customers.

I think to grow and be productive you have to remain very humble and go the extra mile. Auto Crane has lots of dealers, so for us to compete we have to always have our customers in mind. I am given plenty of room to negotiate prices and that is what helps me the most.

When not selling cranes you can find me at home on my little hobby farm. I love raising cattle and horses.

Sandy Morton

Sandy Morton

My name is Sandy Morton and I am the parts specialist here at B&B. My job consists of handling customer parts or finding their parts using PDF files. Days are busy but I love talking to our customers. I normally find out about the weather where they are and “chit chat” a little before we do business.

When I first began working here, my nerves got a little rattled but my customers would work with me and help and just had a lot of patience. Now I know a lot of them by their voice and have made friends with a bunch of folks. Sometimes we talk so much we forget what we were looking for and that is what makes my job so pleasurable. When they are your customers and friends it makes things so much less stressful.

When I am not selling parts I am home with my husband and my goats, my dog, my horse, and my guineas.

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

Hi, my name is Sarah Miller. I work in the Accounting Department here at B&B Truck Crane.

I live in Mentone AL with my husband, Mike. In my spare time, when I’m not driving my family crazy, which I do on a regular basis, I love to read, attempt to crochet, do a little cross stitching, and play with my grandkids.

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Hi, my name is Mike Miller. I work in the shop here at B&B Truck Cranes. I do the fabrication and mechanical aspects on the cranes.

I live in Mentone, AL with my wife, Sarah. In my free time I like to explore back country roads, go trail riding, tinker with rock crawler buggies and watch my grandkids play.